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Contact Information

Personal Information:
The "Personal Information" section is all the personal information that will be displayed on your email signature.
Name Company Name
Title  Address 
Email City
Phone Info 1 State/Province
Phone Info 2 Zip/Postal Code 

Text Me:
The "Text Me" requires your cell number and cell phone provider so that when people click the "Text Me" button on your BOJO, it will allow them to send you text messages from the website.
Cell Number
Cell Phone Provider
   Contact customer service for help with this selection.

Tabs and Links:
A "Tab" is the name of an online destination, such as "website", "blog", "widget", etc., that you can send users to after they click on it.

A "Link" is the url for where users will be sent to after clicking on its corresponding tab.
Tab 1

Tab 3 Tab 4


Image Uploads:
You can upload a logo here which will appear on the BOJO and will replace the default currently shown on the BOJO image above.
Your Logo

Email Clients:
"Primary Email Client" is the email client that use most of the time.

"Secondary Email Client" is the email client that you also use, but not as much as the primary email client.
Primary Email Client
Secondary Client

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