Email Ideas - Pasting-your-bojo
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Pasting Your Bojo

Once your Bojo is installed in the ePaster, inserting it into your emails and documents is simple.

To insert your default Bojo, simply click once with your cursor where you want the Bojo to appear, then double-click the ePaster.  You can also use the hotkey combination, which is  Ctrl + E by default.

Note that the application must have a "Rich Text Editor" for pasting your graphical Bojo to work... meaning you should see options for formatting text, choosing font size, inserting images, and so forth.

Some applications, particularly web-based applications, may require you to insert your Bojo as HTML. To do this, right-click the ePaster, and from the "My Bojos" menu, pick "Paste HTML" for your Bojo.

See Supported Applications for a list of programs we have verified to work with the ePaster.

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