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Supported Applications

The ePaster works in a great many applications and websites. In most, the default double-click action works best. In others, you have to paste the HTML, or use a hotkey. This page is your guide.

IE = Internet Explorer
FF = Firefox
CH = Google Chrome
*  = See Notes for functional differences

Application Works? Notes
Adobe Contribute Yes* Paste HTML version. *Links to intermediate page.
AOL Desktop Yes
AOL Webmail Yes
(web interface)
Yes Must switch to HTML mode and paste HTML. Pasting in rich text mode strips out links.
Charter Webmail Yes Works with IE. Not tested with FF. Charter Webmail does not work with CH.
Comcast Webmail Yes IE only. No rich-text compose option in other browsers.
Constant Contact Yes Paste HTML version.
Craigslist Yes Paste HTML version.
Cox Webmail No Tested in IE, doesn't work. No Site doesn't allow anything but plain text in dialog boxes.
Entourage No Entourage is a Mac product, and ePaster requires Windows
Eudora Yes *Links to intermediate page, puts blue border on image.
Excell 2003 Yes
Facebook No Site doesn't allow anything but plain text in dialog boxes.
Gmail Yes* Works perfect in FF and CH.  *IE users, use Hotkey combo to insert Bojo.
Godaddy Webmail Yes Tested in IE and FF Yes IE and FF only, doesn't support CH.
Livejournal Yes
Movable Type Pro Yes Tested in IE and FF only, not tested in CH.
MSN Hotmail Classic Yes
IE and FF only, site doesn't work with CH.
Myspace Blog Yes
Open Office Impress No
Open Office Write Yes* Pastes larger than normal size.
Orkut No Site doesn't allow anything but plain text in dialog boxes.
Outlook 2003 Yes
Outlook 2007 Yes* *Links to intermediate page
Outlook Express Yes
Pidgin IM No
Plaxo No
Powerpoint 2007 Yes* Links do not work, but looks ok and should be suitable for use in a presentation.
Scribefire Yes
Thunderbird Yes* Emeds pic in email instead of linking to it, so stats don't work. Contact support for workaround manual install.
Windows Live Hotmail Yes
Windows Live Spaces Yes* *Links to intermediate page
Windows Mail (Vista) No Windows Mail strips the image out.
Word 2003 Yes
Word 2007 Yes
Wordpress Yes* *Links to intermediate page
Works word processor No
Yahoo Mail Yes* Works fine in FF. *IE users, use Hotkey combo to insert Bojo.
Yahoo Mail Classic Yes IE and FF only.


We are testing new websites and programs weekly. If you try your ePaster somewhere we don't have listed here, let us know how it went and we'll update the list. The more complete the information you provide, the better.

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